August 2019 Highlighted Member

Cindy Tidwell-Shelton

We would like to dedicate the month of August 2019 to recognize Cindy for all her hard work and dedication to the AZ Hereford and AZ Angus Association! The following brief write up and pictures provided below are a kind contribution by Kathy McCraine.

Cindy Tidwell-Shelton

We first met Cindy shortly after we moved to Arizona to ranch in 1984. I got involved with the Arizona Cattlelog, and Swayze volunteered to be assistant open cattle manager at the Arizona National Livestock Show. One of his jobs was to work the ring when the cattle were showing, lining them up for the judges. Cindy was working the gate, making sure everyone was in the ring on time, and lined up by age for their class.

“Cindy was having a hell of a time getting people to bring their cattle to the gate because they were all busy with last minute grooming, and it was slowing the show down.” Swayze says. “I told her, ‘If they aren’t there, you just shut the gate on them.’ She did, and all the sudden they started getting their cattle there on time.”

Cindy was always a worker and an outstanding supporter of the cattle industry, taking on any job she was asked to do. When Swayze convinced the Arizona Hereford Association to combine their sale with the Prescott All Breed Sale in the early 1990s as Cattleman’s Weekend, she took on a really big job. That first year, the bull grading was all calculated by hand. With the help of Claire Nullmeyer and Linda Vensel, she would work late into the day to calculate the scores and have the sale sheets typed up to be printed late that night, then picked up in the morning in time for the sale.

Cindy realized right away that the process was too cumbersome to be workable, so the next year she devised a computer program that made life easier for everybody. Even though Cindy worked for the Hereford association, she was more than happy to help with the all breed sale and horse sale, and she put in many long hours over that weekend.

However, always full of fun, Cindy made the most of the weekend in Prescott by going out on the town after her work was done. Every year, she, Claire and Linda, would head down to Whiskey Row to do a little dancing and partying, but they were always up early and right on time for the sale the next day.

I think the thing that comes to mind first when I think of Cindy is her effervescent, fun loving personality, big smile, and infectious laugh. Almost never do you see Cindy without a smile on her face, and she is the kindest person you would ever want to meet. Fourteen years ago when Swayze underwent a heart transplant, she headed down to Tucson with a basket full of goodies for him, only to find he had just gotten out of the hospital. So, we all celebrated by going out for lunch.

Over the years, we have become closer and closer friends and come to appreciate Cindy more and more. She is truly an asset to the Arizona cattle industry. – Swayze and Kathy McCraine